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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks everybody!

Originally Posted by boatnut View Post
That looks good Jeanie! I've always brined and smoked my pork loins for what I call Canadian Bacon, but I think your's is more authentic. Well....except you rolled yours in CORN meal instead of PEA meal, LOL
lol Mike,... you are right, I didn't want to grind yellow peas. I was being lazy! Thanks....

Originally Posted by nmayeux View Post
That looks very similar to the british bacon that I make for a bunch of expats living here in Atlanta. It looks really good, and I might have to give the cornmeal a try. Would you mind sharing your brine fecipe?
Thank you Noah! I bet your British bacon is tasty! I got the recipe from a Canadian friend I really love the stuff. :)

Originally Posted by tish View Post
Jeanie... what makes it "peameal" bacon? How is it different from Canadian bacon? Looks really good, whatever it is!
Thank you Tish! The American version of Canadian bacon is usually smoked. Canadian version of peameal bacon is pickle brine cured and is rolled in yellow peameal but cornmeal is a lot easier to use. Then it's usually sliced and fried instead of smoking. I've smoked them before but really like sliced and fried better.
I DO make the American version of Canadian bacon too... it's good stuff.

Originally Posted by FattyMac View Post
Looks spot on to me!

It's called Peameal bacon as that's what it was originally rolled in. Corn meal is the standard these days and has been for as long as I've been around.

What you yanks call Canadian bacon is a cured and smoked pork loin. We don't see that much up here and certainly don't call it that.
Peameal bacon is very common, in fact I have a small roast of it thawing for a dinner sometime this week. You will quite often see a local service group offering up peameal bacon sandwiches as a fund raiser.
Thank you Mac!! Thanks for the info too. I really love peameal bacon sliced and fried. I can see how the sandwiches would be great for a fund raiser!
Thanks again...
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