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Originally Posted by padawan6510
This whole experience has tainted my opinion of this forum (and moderators who have taken up for him) and those who seem to support his criminal behavior.

ok, we are done with this bull#hit. The point has been made and driven home. HCC has things that need to be ironed out. Im sure everyone gets it at this point. But, now you smeared our administrative staff, and members who have had positive experiences with HCC and posted as such.

Padawan6510, YOU now have crossed MY line when you question our moderators. I let it slide the last time, but you have used up the buy. There is zero tolerance now. We let your repeated offenses slide for the sake of you and HCC working things out. I am not going to go back to the deleted posts and re-post the original posts that contained the flames.

You have questioned the integrity of this forum, its members and our moderators. We have gone above and beyond to allow people to voice their opinions on this topic, TO THE POINT OF REOPENING A CLOSED FORUM. This forum was shutdown when the subscription expired. YOU posted your original complaint in the wrong forum. Did we delete it? NO... we moved it to the proper place, THIS HCC vendor forum and REOPENED IT TO ALLOW YOU TO HAVE CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE.
REOPENED FOR YOU to hash out your issues. The only time any of your posts were modertated, was when they were no longer civil and/or factual and tuned to angry name calling, threats, accusations and assumptions, and at that, ONLY ONE was removed. Keep in mind. Other responses from HCC were ALSO moderated when they turned ugly. We did not protect or show bias in any way shape or form. MYSELF AND THE MODERATORS upheld the established rules of this forum AS A WHOLE in the most objective and professional manner possible.

Padawan6510, you arrived here on 7/11/11, your first post was 7/22/11 when you purchased your grate.

Then comes the issues with HCC on 9/22, nearly 2 months to the day of your first post. Then, for several days, we did everything we can to allow the free flow of information. We refereed your exchange with Brian and stepped in
ONLY when forum rules were broken. Specifically a heated exchange from both YOU and HCC, and the posts from each of you were removed. HCC edited his to be more civil, you left yours at that. The moderator team babysat your discussion to ensure it remained civil and we even let some shots taken at us slide, giving you the benefit of the doubt, and blamed it on the heat of the discussion. For this, you accuse us of bias. Instead of utilizing a constructive dialogue to iron out issues, you have offered nothing to this forum except bad karma, drama and work for the moderators, and now, you question our integrity and intentions.

Heres a perspective for everyone to digest. Guess how many posts you have OUTSIDE of the HCC Vendor you know what you have offered this forum in the form of information sharing, comaradirie, etc based on actions/post count?..

You have..


ONE post, and even at that, it was of ZERO significance, merely an OT comment.
All of you activity has been in the HCC forum.. complaining.

Since from
your perspective, your view of this forum, its mod team and its members have been tainted, and from our perspective, you have offered nothing but bad karma causing more issues and work for us than all other issues this year combined, I suggest you find another forum. Your point has been made here, and your issues with HCC will remain in the archives. But I see no reason for you to remain in a place where you have lost confidence in its components.

I apologize to our general membership for having to see this transpire.. At this point, its over.

One other thing in general.

Just to ensure everyone is clear on something. This area, the vendors section,
as clearly stated here, is in no way endorsements of the products, but a paid area where we allow members to discuss their product. Believe me, the $125 a year this forum generates is not enough for the moderators to risk our reputation.
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