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Originally Posted by Smiter Q View Post
My Weber OTG was $33 ,,,, but last weekend's new Lime Performer for $40 is my winner!

Originally Posted by jdub View Post
I've had a couple:
Brand new in box wsm 18 for 50 dollars (win at a golf tournament, don't need it I have gas). icing on cake-1 mile from my house.

A funny one.
I found a Performer on cl for 150, the thing looks to be in perfect condition (it was). Decent deal there, but it got better. I get to the neighborhood without my gps and get a bit lost. As I am driving around trying to call the guy, I drive by a house. At the head of the drive with a free sign is a ratty old-you guessed it, Weber Performer. Also it has a rotisserie ring! Knock on the door, say thank you, and load it up.
So what to do? I drive to the other guys house and say hi. I tell him the tale. Told him I will still take his but only for 100. Sold. 2 Performers for 100, 1 hasn't been used 10 times. I kept the rotisserie gear and gave the old one to a friend.
Originally Posted by Flat_Rate View Post
the one and only deal I have found, best 50 bucks I spent.

New in the box 22.5 WSM, just missing all the nuts and bolts.

Nice scores! Here are mine:

22" OTS - $10 (twice!)
18" WSM - Model B - $25. Spent twice that on rehabbing her innards.

My all-time best is picking up a Concept 2 Model D Rower ($950 new) for $25.
2x 18.5 WSM, Mini WSM, UDS, Weber Performer, Orange Thermapen, cheapo gasser; KCBS MCBJ
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