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I would like to remind you of some of our rules...

This is an outline of what you CAN’T do.
  • Advertise,
  • **Insult or Flame others..
  • Racism, slurs, prejudice, bigotry, vulgarity, or offensive language stricly forbidden
  • Post any type of porn or other illegal materials
  • Air dirty laundry. If u have an issue with another member or staff, take it private.
  • Use our email or PM to send spam
  • Use our e-mail or PM to promote other forums and blogs
  • Use our forum for sales pitches or solicitations.
  • Post the same topic in multiple forums
  • Cross post from or to other forums(copying text) without giving credit(or blame) as to the source location and author of the text
  • Having a signature or Avatar that does NOT follow the guidelines(See below for details.)
  • Hijack or post Off Topic in certain Forums. Qtalk, Competition and Discussion & Reflection” should be considered sacred ground.
So let's break this down. Calling someone a scumbag or other names regardless of the situation is a clear violation of the first rule in red. Bringing back discussions that were already asked to be taken private is a clear violation of the second rule in red. It doesn't matter what the subject, doing either of these will get the post deleted.


NO personal attacks. NO attacks of any kind. Recognizing that everyone has, and is entitled to an opinion, if your opinion comes across as antagonistic, bad karma, insulting or hurtful to another member, or person, keep it to yourself. Any meaningless post that is nothing more than a negative comment or is strictly there to antagonize, will be edited or deleted. Any post with no redeeming quality or deemed negative by moderators will be deleted. In other words, you are NOT allowed to be a jerk just to chit stir or piss people off. Moderators do not have time to be putting out flame wars.

See above. Calling anyone a scumbag or other name will be considered a personal attack and the post will be deleted, no matter what the subject.

and finally...

A MODERATORS DECISION IS FINAL. If your moderated, live with it and move on. We live by these rules, and any moderator action is due to an infringement. We don't moderate on content, but we do enforce these rules.
  • Challenging a moderator in public for their action will lock you down, all abilities to post and edit will be removed.
  • Whining to the admin will get you no where, so don’t bother.
  • When you are moderated for an infraction or infringement, you might receive a PM as to why. If it was a blatant infringement, it will be deleted with no notice. If not, it is acceptable to send a civil note to the moderators requesting the reason. We dont sent messages for general scrubbing or cleanup of banter or chatter.

If you disagree with what any moderator has done take it offline. Period. If you still don't like the answer, take it to Phil (BBQChef33). But realize that before we make any major decision we have already discussed it amongst ourselves and Phil.

Challenging a moderator in public, especially accusing the moderation team of deleting complaints against someone in the Vendor section because they are a "sponsor" of the site, will not be tolerated. Those who are in this section paid to have a separate area of the forum. They are responsible for content in that section UNLESS the brethren rules have been broken (see above).

Finally, accusing the moderators of "taking up" for anyone is ludicrous. Everything that we have done in this regard has been to enforce our rules. The decision to insult or flame someone, bring private conversations out in public and to challenge the moderators in public were done by the folks who submitted those posts. We have enforced our rules fairly in this matter. Just because someone's post was deleted because of rules violations does not indicate any bias on our part and any accusations in that regard are out of line. Posts expressing issues with any of our Ventures subscribers that state the issue without violating any rules have been left alone, just have the responses to those posts by the Ventures member. Where the ventures member violates our rules their posts will be treated accordingly.

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