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Originally Posted by Jacked UP BBQ View Post
They want to see raw product if you are not certified to have cooked product. Do your homework and make sure you do it right, the last thing you want is the inspector dumping bleach on 400lbs of pork you worked your ass off to cook!

This Won't work, I served a festival this year, served over 300 people, the Festival ended at 3:00 P.M. The Inspector showed up at 2:30, Inspected us and guess what, I was out of food. In fact at all ten inspections food was being served before the inspector arrived. They work very hard with you to get you right if you aren't. Our Inspector has to come 2 hours from his home over 120 miles away to inspect us, he does not expect you to show him raw meat before you begin your cook.

I've never seen an Iowa inspector dump bleach on anything. I've seen him/her shut down the people around us, but no food was destroyed or confiscated.

My trailer was inspected over ten times July and August and I got a 100% each time. All inspectors that I have met, are there to help as much as possible.
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