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Originally Posted by hav View Post
They got mine too, I feel bad however, because I blamed another merchant.

Although I had purchased at RD in during that time, my charge was only about $30 bucks. Citibank caught the the account after they had cloned the card and charged $190 bucks at a Target in another state. When they tried to charge another $190 bucks, they stopped it and called me.
Yep...they got me too. I was blaming my wife for inadvertently giving it out somewhere. Guess I'll have my crow with salt & pepper.

Citibank called about 2 weeks ago. Said a test charge came thru, then an immediate charge to a place in Great Britain. They denied both, called us, and re-issued cards. We just got the new ones 3-4 days ago. How do we sign up for the 1 year of credit protection?
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