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Default Old Plumbing Holes Patched.

Haven't had a chance to get a whole lot more done but have managed to cut all the patches and weld them in place where the old plumbing valves were. I used the scrap from the rectangular hole I had cut for the firebox to enter so that the patches would have the same curvature and be made of the same material as the tank. After welding them tight I ground the welds off smooth so the patches would be seamless and after painting won't be evident. Probably spent more time and effort on this step than I should have (should have just cut dang pieces and welded them on and left welds visible) but I guess that is the OCD coming out in me.

I've also marked out and made the top cut of the door and made about 6-8 cut down each side of the door so that I can put hinges and seal on before I finish cutting out door.

Here's a pic of the patches.

Here is a pic that shows where I had cut the plumbing valves out BEFORE patching.

I had cut them out square so they would be easier to cut a patch for. There were a total of four to patch. Don't know if you can tell or not but between the firebox hole and the hole on the far right is one that I had just put the patch in. Had not welded it yet. There is also a TINY one in the left edge of the firebox hole. I think it was like 1" by 5/8" that one was super fun to cut out and clean up :/ Didn't have much to hold on to, too small to put in a vice and dang near had to get a small pair of long nose pliers and man handle it with one hand and use the grinder one armed. It would have probably made for an interesting video if I would have had a third arm to hold the camera. :)

One note on the patch job, I learned a good lesson in that 6013 rods aren't the absolute best to do the patch jobs on due to their expansion/shrinking as they are welded then cool down. It causes the welds to stress crack. The 6013's don't quite penetrate well enough to take the stress of shrinkage and when I ground off the top of the welds it made it have enough stress to "pop" a hairline crack. Probably wouldn't have been visible in the finished product BUT the OCD kicked in again and I finally just got irratated and used a 6011 rod to repair the last crack and once it cooled I ground it flush and went over it with a 6013 to fill in any undercut I had so it would be a smooth and flush patch.
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