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Originally Posted by NewEnglandQ View Post
Thanks for the clarification. Do we give "Brethren Members" the opportunity to repost their concerns without the name calling and flames before their posts are deleted so that the intent of the message is not lost?

If you look at the posting history for this Ventures Forum, you will see that the "concerns" are still there. Only the two most recent threads have modded posts. The posts that were modded contained name calling and flaming. However, everything else is STILL there. If you have a legitimate complaint or concern, you are more than allowed to voice it. I'd even recommend you do so in a new thread so that both of you can resolve it there, in a civil manner. However, complaining about it here on the forum will not accomplish much for your cause. It is still a matter for you to resolve with the business owner. We advised Padawan to take it into PM's because, as you can see from the threads in the history, it got heated, there was name calling, and THAT type of discussion IS NOT ALLOWED ON THE FORUM, by either parties.

Originally Posted by padawan6510 View Post
Posted is a recent PM to Brian. I wanted to make it public to share my most sincere apologizes to the rest of the BBQ community as well.



After some careful thought, I have decided to drop the entire issue. It really was never my intent to make anyone upset over a grate. I was simply frustrated and for that I hope you will except my sincere apologizes.

I have posted negative reviews on google and yahoo. They have since been deleted. The BBB complaint will be dropped. I will also remove myself from the BBQ Brethren forum as well.

As far as the order is concerned, you can keep it without worry of reprisal.

For some reason I didn’t concern myself with matrix of the BBQ community. In retrospect, I didn’t consider much of anything other than the absence of my order.

Short of not being able to apologize to you personally, I pray your forgiveness in the most sincere way that I can. If not, I understand.


Let's NOT start the name calling AGAIN. The name calling is what got your last post in this thread removed.
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