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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
I guess that is due to the size of the cook chamber? Or is it reverse flow (Aka fuel eater)

If a large bag of briquettes don't get me through a cook, I'd be bumming.

I guess if you are keeping her full of meat it would be worth it.
Believe it is also based the mass of steel to heat plus being an offset... less efficient.

The small Lang 48 patio (4 ft chamber) weighs 800 lbs. empty.
The Lang 60 mobile was 1,200 lbs... and the 84 kitchen over 1,500 lbs.

The heating demands alone to heat up 1/4" steel seems alot ... considering the reverse flow baffle serves also as a radiating energy source.

Once up to temp... maintaining the heat is less demanding... hence the small and hot burning fires churning thin blue smoke
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