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Default New guy here!

Hello everyone!

I found this thread by doin a search for a UDS. I cant stop reading it and I started from the beginning! I have a LOT more reading to do but I wanted to post.

I went out and bought my drum yesterday from a guy for $10 with a lid. Its a food grade drum that is really clean. Theres a sticker on the outside saying it had apple juice in it. What I dont see in it is a liner. It looks like there is paint on the inside. Is that what they use for liners? Heres a couple pics.

I know I should start a big fire in it and I plan on doing that. Is there something I should do before that? I plan on going out and getting all the parts for the smoker in the next day or so. Im sure Ill have more questions on the way. And thanks for having me here!

OH, I didnt mention that I have zero experience in smoking food. I can bbq/grill, just not the smoking part.
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