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Default Stickburners! I found a CHEAP way to start fires!

I'm a newbie....and I have been using a charcoal chimney (and newspaper) to get some charcoal started.....then pour the hot charcoal onto my wood splits in my Lang firebox.

WELL NO MORE!!!!!!!! That crap takes 30 minutes and probably $2 worth of charcoal. I was thinking about getting a weedburner and propane tanks. NOPE!!!

I ran across a product called Weber Fire Starter Cubes. Comes 24 to a pack for about $4 at Lowes. I only needed ONE to start my fire this weekend. Cost me 17 cents and took only a few seconds.
I broke off about 10 small pieces of kindling from my split wood, piled it on top of one of these cubes, lit the cube with a longneck lighter, done!

You seasoned pro's probably already know about these cubes.....but I felt like I struck gold when I tried this method. I'm learning guys! I'm learning!
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