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Default XL BGE Gasket Help

Well my gasket melted away while cooking a couple of pizza last night. I've did a search and see lots of Brethren have replaced their original felt gasket with the Rutland Oven gasket. I have a couple of questions about this and appreciate any input.

1. Since I have the XL how many feet or inches is needed????

I know the large is 67" but uses 84" with a couple inches to spare. I don't know the circumference of the XL. Haven't measured my yet but can do this tonight.

2. Should I use the adhesive that comes with the gasket or should I use
Permatex Ultra Copper???

3. Has anyone had a problems using this gasket with it being made out
of fiberglass

4. Does the gasket come in larger length if not I guess I will need two

5. Is there a better option???

THanks for the help.

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