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Default What a great class!

Pulled up to the location of the class and observed a bunch of people mulling around, all with an odd look of hunger in their eyes! Yup, I was at the right place! My friend Nick (not a brethren member yet...) but the one who has gotten me into this new "hobby" and the rest of us absorbed a lot of great information by the presenters and then the smell of bbq began wafting through the air. The stomach growling started to get loud and we moved into our first judging of chicken. Each person had to judge 3 separate entrys for criteria including presentation, taste and texture. You can guess which 2 categories I enjoyed most!
There are a lot of things to remember during the judging and it's not as simple as you would think. Hey, I'm not complaining, the rewards are too tasty! We were tricked a few times by illegal items and one wretched tasting brisket (I put it on Nicks plate when he wasnt looking), but what a good time was had by all. Now, if we were only able to have beer instead of water and crackers....
Overall, a great bunch of people, an excellent time and a bunch of good bbq, including leftovers. And we all get to add "judge" to our resume's!
Tom (who also couldn't remember his Bretheren handle yesterday!)
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