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Originally Posted by hankll View Post
I had been using Kingsford, but at the notification of a brethren member, I found some 16# RO bags at Kmart on sale for $2.49 a bag. I grabbed 10.

At about the same time I added ball valves to all my intakes, and on two I installed the ball valves on top of a 2' pipe riser

And at the same time I bought the RO at Kmart, they also had one of the Weber 18" portable grills, which I then converted to used as a ash pan under my charcoal basket. I drilled 1" holes around it

Now my problem was that suddenly I couldn't get anything higher than 275* with all intakes open. Not bad if you wanted to stay below that temp for a good low and slow smoke. I was going to be smoking a Thanksgiving Turkey, and it needed to be smoking at a more like 350* setting in order to have a crisper skin.

I put a bag of apple wood chips in with my RO and managed to get the temps to 325*, so it did finally get there.

Today I did a beef brisket in 5 1/2 hours. I removed the ash pan, and laid a piece of tinfoil under the basket.

Result --- 400* within an hour. shut down one of the ball valves, and it went to 350*, another valve shut off, it down to 310*, so my control of temps was back by removing the ash pan. I will probably re design it so there isn't so much of a wall blocking the air flow. I still need to be able to easily get the ash out of the bottom of the drum with out a mess.
When was that RO on sale? I need me some!
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