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Talking OK, stickburners... let's see those small and hot fires.

Brethren and Sistren;

Have read, learned, and used many fire management techniques and procedures... thanks to the knowledge of the brethren.
Heard stickburning described as a small, hot, and fast burning technique... useful to keep the sweet blue smoke burning true.

Found it necessary to add a second sheet of expanded steel laying on top of the firegrate... the large steel gaps was dropping the bed of coals too soon. The sheet was a 24" X 24" X 3/4" expanded metal... and bent/folded the sheet to fit. .. just hate to have a multitude of sharp edges from trimming. Got tired of bleeding and reaching for too many band-aids. By folding the sheet kept the edges rounded at the folds. Now the live bed stays with the fire longer... good deal... extending the burn a bit.

The pic shows what it takes to keep the Klose @ 300*... about to add another split of applewood.

That in itself showed me I haven't seen or recalled seeing any offset stickburners showing what is a small, hot, and fast burning fire.

Anyone have any pictures lying around?
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