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somebody shut me the fark up.
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I just don't follow KCBS's insistence that teams are identified by exact spelling and not a number! This is totally ridiculous! Assign every team a number and member numbers that go on that team. Allow a member to be on more than one team or say UP TO three teams (for example). People say "well what about those teams whose members are not KCBS members? Simple... either program it so non-KCBS teams are just not given a number and thus, as would be the case anyway, they don't get points or assign all non-KCBS teams some higher number, possibly starting with 9 or whatever, and they STILL don't get points.

By not assigning team numbers, the Board is creating same ol' same ol' problems for the organization in the end and they will have wasted their efforts in designing new scoring software. We (KCBS) have a FANTASTIC opportunity to do something really good here and it's gonna be blown if it proceeds as it has been reported to be going here.

One final point that Divemaster made was spot ON - this should all have been hammered out in committees and taken to the board for approval or rejection and if rejected, suggestions given to the committee to go back to the drawing board! Come on guys! MICROmanaging again!
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