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Default RE: judging class

Smoker (Steve) Ribsnwings (Will) and Tim (Tbone?) and I were all there. Tim and Steve got certified, Will cooked and I played table captain and set the food up for presentation.

Jerry and Linda Mullane were the KCBS master judges who taught the class and Dean Camastro (sp?) of the Grill kings was host. It was a real good time.

I got to alter the taste of a few of the presentation dishes. It was a lot of fun destroying Will's brisket with a good dousing of teqiula. The judges in training all tasted it and their faces went white.

The presentation boxes were nothing like what is prepared at the contests. First, there were illegal entries and garnish was minimal if at all. Boxes were resused from one category to another. Preping 48 boxes is a real pain in the ass.

The mullane's need shoulder to be sliced, but didn't tell Will so it was cooked to pulling temp. It was fun trying to get sliced pork out of that.
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