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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
Not to be jerky, but this is not correct. In database terms, a team and a member would each be an entity or table. The table would then have attributes defined in it. One such attribute would be a unique, non-null value, the primary key. Other attributes could be the name of each. Each non-key attribute should depend on the primary key to be normalized at a certain level (3NF). Each entry in the table is called a tuple, and each tuple must have a primary key. Over the years, tuple/attribute have been displaced by record/field, and then again by row/column.

Well I will admit that the last database I worked with was Oracle 8 many years ago. I have been in IT management for quite a while now. However, I would think you would have a team table and a team member table. Each entry in each table would have a key field and all other associated fields. For a member, the key might be the KCBS number and the fields might be team ID, name, address, etc.

My point was just reiterating others above that if you only use team name for the download you will have problems every single week at pretty much every single comp.
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