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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
I write software for a living. If the scoring software could accommodate a 6-10 digit number to identify a team/cook etc. would that make life easier for you?

I don't know that it matters what that field in the input is called as long as the output is there and it's a number that you are able to match with a name later. Is that correct based on what you are planning to do?
From what I heard, they are going to develop a spreadsheet to be used at the contest. The team name will be entered in on the spreadsheet. If it stops there, trouble will obviously follow as there is a hundred ways people spell barbecue. Not to mention all the other words that comprise a team name. I guarantee my team name will be spelled wrong even after I repeat each letter to the rep.

They mentioned adding a spot on the spreadsheet for the head cooks number. That should help with the match but a primary key ID number for the team would work much better.

As an example of how this could get screwed up, I was going through scores today while eating lunch. I saw the following two team names "Bu-Ba-Q" and "BubaQ". Is that the same team? What happens if BubaQ gets Bu-Ba-Q's scores because if the download finds a match it won't produce an error. Like I said above, I see a cluster fark in the making unless they make these fixes soon and it sounds like they are running out of time quickly.
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