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Originally Posted by Smoke Ring View Post
You are absolutely correct. We implemented the KCBS membership database. I have been pushing KCBS to use an ID # to identify a team for years now but they insist on using the spelling of the team name. This policy has been carried over to the new scoring program. We are writing the software to import data from the new scoring program into the database and we have to rely on the way a team's name is spelled to identify the team. Obviously we will encounter a lot of exceptions where the team name was spelled incorrectly and the software has to be able to deal with that, along with providing a user interface so the office staff can resolve discrepancies and correct errors in the imported data. This is all unnecessary work and expense.

I write software for a living. If the scoring software could accommodate a 6-10 digit number to identify a team/cook etc. would that make life easier for you?

I don't know that it matters what that field in the input is called as long as the output is there and it's a number that you are able to match with a name later. Is that correct based on what you are planning to do?

Edit: I've discussed the software with Garry in the past month or two, but did not realize that the current software would not but using a unique # to identify teams. My understanding was that a number would be used and that it was under discussion. Having talked to Garry, I've got confidence in his development philosophy and experience to deliver the best product possible to KCBS.
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