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Got rid of the matchlight.
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I built my first UDS back in March and haven't been all that thrilled with it. I come from the WSM school of cookers so not having a door was bothering me. I went back and forth with some cool sliding door designs and decided to keep it simple. I used the bottom of the aluminum pot I had removed to make my mini wsm last year. All the hardware was around $8 from Lowes. I used small hinges and tool box type latches. The door seals great and my UDS is now my go to smoker. I also added wheels by attaching 3 all metal casters to the original lid and fitting it to the bottom of the smoker.

The seal is not perfect be good enough. Absolutely zero problems controlling temps. In fact, I think it runs better than it did before.

I love being able to wheel this in and out of the garage.
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