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Found some matches.
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Thanks for the comments/compliments.

RE: Bad Smoke questions- It's never been an issue. I know what bad smoke is because I had a nasty batch of chicken in the side burner smoker one time from using green wood.

Guessing that the smoke is drafting out of this cooker due to the gap between the cover/lid and the main "can" caused by the rather thick braided thermometer probe. There is a constant stream of light colored smoke coming up from the seam for the last hour of the cook. I don't force the lid down because it can destroy the thermometer's wires. Maybe that is why-and just getting lucky. never thought about the bad smoke. have cooked whole chickens and loads of wings before and the smoked chicken flavor is the real deal.

One thing: The Orion cookbook has you time the cook and leave it sealed. I have found that not to work for us because we are at 5000 feet altitude and cooking sometimes when nit is 20 deg. F outside. So I use a probe.

BTW- After this cook, the chips were all charred and the drip pan was 3/4's full of liquid.

Lastly-these Orions are a PITA to clean. I sometimes fill with soap and water and let it soak overnight. Too cold for that now. Just bought a pressure washer-so maybe that will help.
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