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Default Orion Cooker-Quick Batch on T-Day-Picture Heavy

Been lurking. I have an Orion Cooker that we use quit a bit. Also have a Buried Drum Smoker, a side burner smoker/grille, and a Weber Kettle.

We are building a place in a remote area and there is always way more work on the projects than there is time to devote to cooking. So the Orion works for us in that we can cook a variety of meats quickly and then over the next 4-5 days have easy/quick meals since the entrees are basically done. Just reheat the meat and add a few sides and we have gourmet meals and still can get back to the projects in no time. Looking forward to the time when I can begin to use the other BBQ's that we have. I have been eye-balling the UDS here and have a barrel

Lots of pics follow:

This thanksgiving batch of grub came out well in the Orion: a 3-pak of Costco Pork ribs, a Beef Rib Roast from Ralph's, and a herb marinated Turkey Breast from Costco.

Above: The cooker table that I cobbled together. I place it in a little nook by the back door to the shop where the wind is minimized by the fencing and building.

Cedar Table has a travertine tile top and gets the cooker up where it is easy to load and fire.

I line the Orion drip pan with non-stick foil.

Above: Drip pan goes into the bottom of the cooker.

Soaked a mix of apple and mesquite chips in a pot with warm water.

Spread the soaked chips around the drip pan and against the inside of the cooker's wall.

Load the Easy Light charcoal around the Orion's burner surround. (yes this cooker uses a lot of expensive charcoal. You can use cheaper charcoal and lighter fluid instead)

More charcoal goes into the Cooker's lid holder, which aides in convection.

Trussed Turkey Breast and Rib Roast on the grille. The Digital thermometer probe is in the breast.

Ribs on holders above the grille

All three meats are in the cooker

Charcoal is lit and white-hot and the temp starts building inside.

around 2 hours and at 185F the cooker is opened.

The Beef roast and Turkey breast were done to perfection. Both were very tender and moist. The ribs pulled right off the bone. All the meats have a distinct smoke flavor. Wife made a barley soup using the rib roast and it had a mild smoke flavor too. No shortage of smoke flavor in the Orion.

The trussed breast almost turned into a Turkey breast Log.

Needless to say, we had enough to eat for the 5 days we were out building fence.
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