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Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
Go down the list of top 25 teams for TOY. How many have multiple cooks? Are multiple cooks on the majority for those that are going for TOY?

This whole comparing to NASCAR is a bunch of crap. This isnt NASCAR folks. If they need to change it to Cook of the Year, then do it. But for so many folks to ne in an uproar over this issue that will never have any effect on them, just makes me scratch my head. I believe someone came up with 1% of the KCBS members are going for TOY points.
How many teams have multiple cooks? Only a few, probably. How many teams could have multiple cooks? All of them. Why not get ahead of the game and come out with a system that addresses a few major potential issues instead of always being reactionary?

And while this issue may or may not affect me, it does and has affected people I am friends with, as I'm sure is the case with others here. So if I express concern over the fact that the system needs to be proactively addressed, even though it may not affect me directly, just know that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think that a thoughtful discussion on the matter may eventually help out some of my friends. Fair enough?
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