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Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
Go down the list of top 25 teams for TOY. How many have multiple cooks? Are multiple cooks on the majority for those that are going for TOY?

This whole comparing to NASCAR is a bunch of crap. This isnt NASCAR folks. If they need to change it to Cook of the Year, then do it. But for so many folks to ne in an uproar over this issue that will never have any effect on them, just makes me scratch my head. I believe someone came up with 1% of the KCBS members are going for TOY points.
You may be correct for TOY. It doesn't change the fact that teams are entities unique from cooks and show have their own entity within a database. A big part of the point is to reduce errors in spelling. Having each team member enter team name seperately (duplicating data) is part of how you introduce errors into a system, not to mention increasing the space it takes. One team, one field to hold the team name.

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