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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
Following your logic it should be Cook of the Year, and that was discussed.

I know too many teams where there ARE multiple cooks. If someone can't make it the slack is picked up. If there was a rule that said the chief cook was required to cook everything, I could go along with what you suggest but that's not the case. I don't want to see anyone penalized, for the sake of convenience.

The discussion was...painful, but I think they are on the right track. Pick a # and track that and allow an additional cook or two to fill in if needed. Beyond that teams interested in ToY need to opt in at the beginning of the year and declare their cooks. There is record keeping overhead involved but it addresses the immediate issue.

The database issues are manageable either through the new software and database management software or separate operations that could filter the data provided by the software.
Hi Jorge,

I know they discussed Cook of the Year but what they are proposing doesn't solve the problem. Let's say they go with two head cooks. You and I could form a team and you are down in Texas and I am up in the northeast. Our team consists of you and me as head cooks and we also have 4 or 5 assistant cooks. Now if we plan carefully (and we're both pretty good cooks), we could cover a lot more contests. I might not be able to travel every weekend and you may not be able to either but we could work our schedule out so we didn't miss many weekends. We can even pick up a few weekends were we can score double because you might find a Saturday comp and I a Sunday comp. The entire year we may never even cook together.

If we did this, we would not be breaking the letter of the rules or the possible proposed change by the board. But wouldn't we be breaking the spirit of the competition? Couldn't we hit more qualifier comps that would also give us an edge getting an invitational bid or a chance at the Jack?

I go back to NASCAR, when the championship is awarded, while the driver is the main recipient of the championship, the crew chief and crew also say they were part of the "championship team." They had their part and while they weren't the driver, they certainly played a major part in the championship. This year, one additional dropped lug nut by a tire changer could have changed the outcome.

I just don't see what they are proposing will change anything. Maybe I am not seeing something.
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