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Originally Posted by kihrer View Post
After listening to the BoD debate I think there should be only one head cook listed for a team. I know people are probably tired of NASCAR references but let's take the 99 team. The team driver is Carl Edwards but there are several who make up the team. If Carl is sick and doesn't race, the 99 team doesn't get any cup points towards the championship even though a backup driver will most assuredly race the 99 car that week. It seems to me you could do away with all the potential unethical practices (hired guns) if you just ensured the head cook had to be present at the competition. If they're sick, that's just a bad break.

Now if the rest of the team wants to cook without the head cook, that should be fine. They can still win prizes and money but not gain points towards TOY or qualify for invitationals.

What are your thoughts?
99 team would get owner points just not driver points.

Sorry back on subject though. I can only dream about TOY, heck i can only dream about GC at this point but saying that my team consists of myself and my wife and for whatever reason if one of us couldnt cook the other is just as important, though my wife says she is more important than me-she only needs me to watch the temps at night so she can sleep. But regardless this team is BOTH of us together.
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