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Originally Posted by Phrasty View Post
Glad you're getting this off the ground now. Nice ahm... Lesson for the kids there with the shirt. Should get a couple pair of work gloves for them as well. Fingers are a good thing to keep around for a while!

I was gonna message you this morning about the issue I thought you had with all the valves and stuff on the tank. Sometimes I just screw them out and seal the holes with threaded bungs and that takes care of them. I usually flip the tank so that those holes are on the bottom on the smoker. But unless you've already cut them off it doesn't matter much.

I'll be watching this! Good luck.
Yes, fingers are nice to have around, I just didn't make him wear gloves then because, well frankly I was on fire... No seriously, after trying to use that .040 cutting wheel on that little grinder WITH gloves on, I opted to not use them because I had more control of the machine without and it wanted to jump, buck, and crawl real bad. I sacrificed getting hit with a few sparks on the hand in order to ensure more control. I'm more scared of that thing losing control and that disc fragmenting and shooting em in the eye that I am of the sparks, aside from catching my shirt on fire...

That is only the 2'd time I've ever caught myself on fire metal working. First time I let some slag fall on my pants leg while I was welding and apparently had some frayed material bout midways up the leg. I could feel the heat and knew I was smoldering (didn't realize it was actually blazing though), however I had a REALLY good bead going and didn't want to stop so I just did the "stinky leg" and "walked it out" until I got that bead finished... Then the fire slappin and cursing was able to commence unfettered.
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