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Originally Posted by cdriggers View Post
Newbie here, so if I a posting in the wrong forum, please let me know. I am thinking about buying a Backwoods Party for some small comps and need some advice.

1. Do I need to purchase the optional heat diverter or will the water pan be enough?

2. Is it easily mobile without the casters or should I buy the optional casters?
3. Is the BBQ Guru worth the price or should I try it without first?
4. Is the Guru an easy addition if not purchased with the unit?

I would really appreciate any advice or tips provided.
Absolute musts:

a- Heat diverter

b- Upgraded charcoal tray (I had to add mine [read: order it and take it to a welder]) Much harder to add it later. With the upgraded, it slides in & out, making reloading much easier.

c- Cover

d- BBQ Guru adapter from Backwoods

e- Extra charcoal holding tray: I wrap it in foil, and place it over the water pan, as a drip tray. Makes cleanup much easier.

Stainless doors if you can. Buy your casters at Lowes. I got 5 (1 extra) and all the mounting hardware for just under $25.00

Rub it throughly with canola oil, and burn for 2 hours.

Best cooker on the market, IMHO.
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