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Originally Posted by Bluehawg View Post
Phrasty, got a question. Trying to get accurate measurements on my tank and when I use the math, it comes up to about an inch and a half SHORTER than the measurement I get when I pull a string around the circumference. I'm using the 2*Pi*radius formula where the diameter is 24.5 so the radius is 12.25 when I multiply 2 times pi times radius I'm getting 76.999 (77) HOWEVER my "string" measurement is more like 78.5~78.75....

What do I need to do? I'm trying to cut my door out as 1/4 the circumference so it should go from 1/2 across to the top... the firebox needs to be 1/3 the circumference from the top of the door. Help a brotha out if you can... PLEASE...
PM sent Brother!
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