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Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
I am grinding up about 23# of brisket for burgers.
Have always ground all the fat.
Got to wondering what the percentage was.

Package weight----------11.4 #
Scrap-----------------------.42 #
Net starting weight----10.98 #
Fat weight-----------------3.3 #
Fat ratio-------------------30%

About what I guessed.
I discarded a full # of fat which put the ratio right at 21%--where I wanted it.
I have no intention of weighing all the briskets in the future, including the other one I am doing today.
I will just discard or set aside about a third of the fat and grind away.

All of this is not scientific.
The fat cap and all of that was typical for packers in this area.
There was some meat trimmed with the fat and some fat left on the meat.

But, kinda interesting, I think anyway.


What does ground brisket meat taste like compared to "normal" hamburger...say 80/20 burger?
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