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Originally Posted by DirtyDirty00 View Post
Was a beautiful day. Was bout 40 when I woke up but was in the low 60s after that. Not windy. Had a wireless probe right near meat reading the pit temp right at the meat. So I just couldn't understand that at 300+ and 325-350 for a half hour didn't raise the IT. When I do pork butts they shoot up to 200 IT when its that hot in there.

No complaints bc the brisket was actually delicious. But puzzling.
I think you were 'Victimized' by a 'Slow Brisket'... I've had a few that for no particular reason, took longer, and I've had a few that smoked quicker.
I'm down to guessing on mine... if the fat content or age of the beef could contribute to smoking time.

Whoever first said 'It's done when it's done' must have had a Brisket, or Butt, smoke faster than usual, or go hours longer...

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