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Default Hot N Fast Brisket Attempt... PRON... and questions

So after reading Pitmaster T's hot n fast brisket, and watching the video, i set out to make another brisket this weekend.

First ill show the pics... then ill discuss the results, which were kinda strange. needed input on the funniness that went down. (maybe the funniness comes with the funkyness of the method )

so i got myself a nice 13.5 lb packer. and trimmed it down a bit

cut off a corner so i can easily tell at the end which way to cut so its against the grain.

rubbed it down with chris lilly's bare naked brisket paste recipe. i like to put a lot and clump it up on it nicely, makes the best tastiest bark ever.

covered a little part of meat that was showing through the fat cap by putting a little thin piece of fat from the trimmings over it.

I put it on the smoker for about 2 hours at 225-250. then i cranked it to 275-300. No foil. and i let it sit and sit. (more about the method i used in the results) then i pulled it, let it rest and carved it...

here is the flat after separating the point

some slices

cubed up the point and made another batch of the lilly paste. i smooshed the cubes aroudn in the paste and threw em back in the smoker for another 1.5 hours. results of the burnt ends were amazing. GREAT flavor and nice and moist and tender...

(pic was taken day later, cold outta fridge since i forgot to take a fresh pic )

So here are the results and the funnyness that went down:

I cooked the darn thing from 7:05am... cranked it to 275-300 at around 9:30. i ended up taking off the brisket at 4:30 around. no earlier. for the good later half of the cranked up time it was cooking around 300-315. around 230 a measured the IT of the point and it was 195+. the flat was still around 180. probed decently but needed a little more time. (i felt)

45 min to an hour later when i checked, the flat was reading somewhere around 175-180. probed about hte same.

the times i have left my briskets on till about 200 IT and they probed like i was sticking the probe through a cotton ball they were so easy to stick it through. but those times they were overdone. crumbly, hard to cut without falling apart, and DRY.

The last hour of this cook the smoker was riding even higher. around 325. for about 15-20 min it rised to around 345.

when i checked it again, the meat was reading the same temp. around 175-180. which didnt seem possible. and probed about the same.

so i pulled it off. this is bc i didnt think it needed too much longer at 2:30, and here i was again at 4:30 reading and probing the same. i was afraid that all of a sudden it would jump up and be crumbly and dry.

the meat was NOT crumbly. needed a little pressure to cut, but was very tender. it didnt crumble when u tugged it, but did come apart with a tug. and it was not dry. to me this is the best brisket i have ever made so far. it didnt appear under cooked either. as it does come apart like it should, not like a piece of steak thats like elastic. it pops apart, but not crumbly.

but my question is, why on earth did the IT not rise in this thing after sitting in the smoker that hot for that long? maybe my thermometer is no good. but its been money so far so im not sure why now it would be giving my funny readings.

thanks all and thanks pitmaster t for the help and video!
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