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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
If your therm tip is that far on the outside of the drum, it's not reading actual temps at center of cooking grate. you could be reading as much as 50 degrees too low. But still, even then only being able to get up to 260 with all intakes open doesn't seem right.
i think you just solved my problem El Ropo. I started the UDS up this afternoon and put my digital probe on the cooking grate. Ten minutes after I dumped half a chimney on the coals the Tru_Temp in the side of the drum was at 150 but the Nu-Temp digital on the cooking grate was at 250. Within another few minutes it was at 367 so I capped three nipples and closed the ball valve about half way. Thirty minutes later it was holding around 350. The Mrs. and I went for a ride for about an hour and came home to the same temp. I put together a 2# fatty stuffed with pepperoni, pearl onions and cheese and threw it on with six 2" thick pork chops and all is well!
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