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Originally Posted by coewar View Post
Mr. Bo, what size and how many are your intake holes?
For running at 225 you ought to have 0.66 square inches opened. If you are using holes that measure out to 3/4 inches, that's 1 fully opened and another one half way opened. I did read on this post recently that some ball valves might read as 3/4 inch ball valves but somehow actually have a smaller opening.
There are 4 intake holes. The ID of the 3 nipples is 5/8" and the ball valve my be a bit smaller but not sure. I can't get it up to temp with all of them open.

Exhaust is a 1 7/8" chrome stack. Thinking maybe not enough exhaust, I drilled 4 more 3/4" holes in the lid after the first burn didn't do as expected. No better the second time after drilling the holes.

Charcoal basket is 17" diameter and 12" tall. It just barely clears the rack hangers and thermometer tip.
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