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Originally Posted by coewar View Post
I see. So to get this right, you let the coals in the chimney burn about 10 mins, and then you dump that into the drum, and let that burn 20-30 mins?
I've always had great success doing it that way. 12-15 briqs in chimney, light and let em get completely ashed over, then dump on top of basket of unlit coals (or lump which works great for me). Go inside and start prepping meat, check on the UDS and start closing intakes down 50 degrees before my desired cooking temp. Within 20-30 minutes, it's purring along at desired cooking temp and putting out thin blue to invisible smoke.

I've done 12 hour cooks @ 275 with lump, and never had a problem flavor wise. Also, mesquite lump for a long cook will not be nearly as clean tasting as using oak lump, since mesquite is a much stronger smoking wood to begin with. I try to avoid buying mesquite lump for that reason. If you can find B&B oak lump, I highly recommend it for the UDS.
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