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Cool 100 Gal. Air Tank Build (Offset)

Hey guys... So I'v had this tank in my yard for about 6 months now meaning to make some time to get to it... Well it finally looks like this is round 2 for an offset build. It's about a 100 gal. (approx. 20"x50") air compressor tank made out of 3/8ths steel.

I don't have as much time on my hands this time around so the process might take a bit longer. I'm more than likely only gonna get to have time on the weekends for it. I'm also still looking for a couple parts and whatnot. Hopefully it wont drag on too long.

I'm planning on making this an offset smoker with the ability to be used as a grill (chicken cooker). This should be interesting... Hopefully it will go as smooth as my 120 gal. build.

I've already started to play a bit so the process has started and I'm planning on doing some more work on it this weekend.

Well... here's what I have so far:

I have cut the doors, welded on some hinges and started removing & grinding the unneeded parts on the exterior.

Made a single opening with double doors so it could fit a whole hog/lamb/goat... whatever.

And some steel decided to come along for the ride...

Thanks for looking... This should be fun.
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1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
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