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Originally Posted by pwa View Post
Just throwing out a contrary opinion. Lump is fine to use adds nothing more /less then KF blue. But does it with less ash build up, more heat and less fuel usage. I swapped form KF blue to WG weekend warrior lump and had more stable temp can run hotter and no ash build up killing the heat on long burns. I do cook in a extreme environment so that may be the difference. I don't know, but try it for yourself makeup your own mind :)

What I have is Stubs lump coals. And I started it the same way I start the KF blue; put some in a chimney, light that and let it stop smoking and flaming, then dump onto unlit coals in the drum. I usually put the flavored wood and meat in the drum right away. Doing that procedure without a doubt creates that nasty smelling smoke.

Bubblehead mentioned to let it burn in the drum for like 15 mins and then it was a clear smoke. I will try it, but I came after 1 hour of my method and still it was nasty smoke. But perhaps Stubs lump coals are not the same as what you are using?

I'm thoroughly confused and can't see how it's possible that there is such variation on people's experience on this.

Are you waiting for the lump coals to be white before cooking?
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