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Originally Posted by Tricky View Post
I've finally located a Weber kettle lid (thanks Craigslist) and of course my drum top is too big. I'm going with a method that some on the forum have recommended -- I have a 6' piece of 1/8" x 2" flat bar steel and I'm going to attach it as a ring inside the top of my drum to reduce the circumference to the size of the Weber lid.

Once I find my special calculator that has a "pi" key ;) I'll cut the steel to the appropriate length. But for those of you who work with metal a lot, what's the best way to persuade the bar steel into place? Do you think I'll be able to just bend 1/8" steel by hand into a ring shape? If I pre-drill some holes in the steel, then drill some holes in the drum as I go, bolting the steel bar into place one by one, do you think I'll be able to just persuade the steel into place with a little elbow grease? Or am I nuts to think that I can do this by myself?

A couple of pairs of vice grips or c-clamps and a ball peen or small sledge hammer. Clamp the piece of bar at the end against the lip of the barrel, and start tapping your way around, think persuasion,not bend. You will feel the metal "give" then move forward another inch or two then rinse and repeat all the way around. Leave the clamp at the end where you started, but move the others around where you need them for support to help you get all the way around.
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