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Keep in mind too all stores have their own guidlines for meat dating too. Where I cut meat at the scale says the date that it has to be used by and the actual use or sell by date and theres about 4 days differece sometimes. Also we only keep fresh ground beef out a max of 24 hours and it gets reduced an hour or 2 before it expires. Also anything packaged in a cryovac package gets a date when it goes out and technically state laws say we can open it on its sell by day and further process it and gain back the allowed days of fresh cut and packaged meat at that point. So really there is a lot of different guidelins and also it depends on the species of animal too as to what the product life is. The biggest thing that starts the break down process is oxygen and light. The real tender cuts of meat like tenderloin steaks have to go back into the dim cooler everynight or else they start to turn color overnight if not taken out of the case daily.
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