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Originally Posted by coewar View Post
So please explain your process. When do you light it? How long do you let it burn before putting into the smoker? How much of it? Do you have un-lit coals in the drum? Do you add other wood for flavoring? Do other people like the taste of the food you cook in there?

Have you ever tried using just plain charcoal briquettes?
I've used briquettes in the past but don't like the added coal and fillers or the amount of ash it produces.

To light I simply fill the basket(in the drum), add whichever wood I am using for that session, and stick my torch in the center for about 20 seconds, I replace the grate, clip the temp probe in the center, put the lid on, and plug in the the BBQ Guru. It smokes pretty heavily for about the first 15 minutes while coming up to temp but usually by the time I hit 225 it's producing thin blue/invisible smoke.

I've served my BBQ to a LOT of people over the years and even catered a few events(including a wedding reception) and have never had any thing but compliments on food that comes out of a drum with lump in it. The only person that's had anything negative to say is me. I'm my own worst judge of my BBQ. I'm not saying I'm the best at BBQ, just talking about the lump aspect.

The only thing I can think is you didn't let it get settled before adding the food?

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