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Default Another Brining ? Salt

I always do 2 Turkeys. I have never brined before. So One Turkey is going in the oven and the other on the Smoker. THis year it will not be on my offset but on the UDS.

My brine has Half gallon of water, Quart of low sodium stock, Half bottle of white wine, Little less than quart of OJ. Quart of apple cider. Bag of ice.
Bell seasoning,
layer of curry on top of liquid,
Black pepper,
Garlic powder,
Onion Powder,
Fresh Tarragon,
Fresh Thyme,
One large onion,
Four apples.
1 cup of Kosher salt, (just because every one seems to like Kosher) Am I going to have a salty turkey?
The smoker turkey is just 12 pounds and frozen yesterday going in. It is in the cellar.

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