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Originally Posted by Redleg71 View Post

Don't stress about the enhanced turkey and brining. I spent days searching the interwebs for the answer of whether or not to brine an enhanced turkey and the exact percentages i should use. At the end of the day I just went ahead and said fark it and brined it anyway. Turned out perfect! Best Birds ever!

Heres what I did:

Apple Juice Brine:

1 part apple juice
3 parts water
good amount of brown sugar
bunch of oranges quartered
fistfull of cloves
two handfulls of garlic cloves
bunch of kosher salt
few bay leaves

bring sugar and apple jiuce to a boil then add the cold water

mix together and brine for 24 hours (I'd do it two days before the cook)

12 hours before the cook I took the birds out of the brine and rubbed them down with a chipotle garlic rub I whipped up.

Smoke on the BGE for about 5 hours and 300-325 degrees. Three birds and they were all awesome in flavor and totally moist.

Don't stress and have fun!
Good tips- thanks!
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