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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
... but it is VERY likely you will get mushy meat.
Well, that's other one.

If you believe it gives you mushy, then it does.

But having written and tested on Brining for over 10 years now, I've found that the definition of mushy is subjective, very much so.

In one of my classes on Brining, I did two turkeys. I told them one bird was 24 hours and one was 48 and ask them to rate the texture of the bird. Not one person said it was mushy.

And guess what, the 24 hour bird was actually 96 hours.

I've just done a lot of testing, usually on unsuspecting class members, and on the longer periods of brining, they've not said that it was mushy.

That's one of those theories of brining that for me, it's really up to you to decide. But when you don't tell people how long, they didn't seem to focus on mushy.

I do agree with you point about "why would you?" I wasn't trying to answer that question because for the last two months, a lot of the questions are can you.

The latest trend, still developing, is that no matter what flavors you add, it doesn't really matter because of molecule size.

Again, in my practical testing, I've soaked a turkey in Cajun Boil mixed in my normal brine and it has a distinctive "spicy" taste.

But I do think there is something to that theory, I just haven't found any food science to explain it.

I too am a fan of injecting, but here's my concern.


Depending on the injection, it just won't dissipate like a brine would because of the thickness of the liquid. Just inject a bird with soy sauce and you'll see (if have) and the color just stays in the tracks.

I think injections are more dependent on the amount, the flavors and the location of where you inject.

Injection works, it puts the flavors in that spot. I just think it has a different affect.

All great points.
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