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Dont be a scab. I vend for a living and I do it all right, if you are going to cook store and do everything against the rules, please dont become a vendor. There are enough people out there trying to beat the system. There are a lot of expenses involved with vending. There are many ways to do it correctly. There are USDA certified smoke houses that you can have custom cook your meat and bring it boxed to the festival, its legal to reheat meat that was cooked in an approved plant. Or get a legal commisary and do it right. You cannot cook brisket and butts on site the night before you are inspected anyway. They want to see raw product if you are not certified to have cooked product. Do your homework and make sure you do it right, the last thing you want is the inspector dumping bleach on 400lbs of pork you worked your ass off to cook!
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