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Default so i have a brisket in the WSM. now what?

hi guys, just felt like chatting if anyone is interested in helping me along with some suggestions.

i bought a brisket at the market. it was kinda pricey, but the marbling a feel were beautiful.

i injected with butcher's and prime dust, let sit for @ 8 hours.

i dusted with lawrey's, coated with oakridge secret weapon, and sprinkled some smokin guns hot.

into the WSM with cherry and hickory wood @ 260*.

now, the package SAID whole brisket, it seemed quite thin, but figured maybe it was just cryoed tightly. but, as it turns out, it is just a flat. no "burnt" ends.

what are your thoughts? how should continue with this cook?

this was intended for comp practice, so any and all suggestions are appreciated. or none...i just felt like yapping.
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