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Originally Posted by mikeTRON View Post
and what everyone else recommended.

Also are you complaining about not getting bark AND using foil? Those two don't go together so well IMO. So try kicking the temps up in the drum and avoiding the foil. I have only smoked about 20 briskets in the drum now and I had to use foil one time (had a catering gig and they were taking tOOOOOOO long to get done!) and the bark wasn't very good at all compared to my normal anti-foil method

I only foil them for the same reason as you. Just to git 'er done.. But when I have pulled them to foil they were never what I expected. I hear all the comments about "bark is overrated", and "taste over looks", but I want it all. I can say that cooking hotter gave me what I was looking for. I was actually out running errands and thought for sure I had a couple hours to go. I called the wife to check the temp and she said the meat probe on the ET732 read 190. So I rushed home, foiled and coolered. I am about to pull it out of the cooler to slice her up. No one is here yet so I should be able to get a picture.

I used my last stockpiled bag of KBB today for this one and will go back to RO Lump now.. Pics to follow!
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