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Originally Posted by 10_Bears View Post
Question regarding exhaust stack, like an exhaust tip on a car.

How do I fit one to the large bung hole? Do I need to weld one on or is there pipe that screws in I can buy? I'm sure the thread is NPS, just not sure how available this thread would be on a pipe.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Ideally I'd like to use a chrome exhaust tip.
Welding that is overkill unless you're making something fancy.
I prefer mine more easily removed. I have a 3inch duct piping (very light compared to the iron piping that will fit inside the bung hole). The part of the 3 inch duct piping that would get inserted into another section is a little smaller and you can make it smaller still... that just sits on top covering the small lip of the bung hole that sticks out.

I cut down the pipe to a length of maybe 6 inches which I think is too much. I find myself removing it sometimes and have re-configured my drum since to not need the single 2 inch hole, but smaller and multiple holes.
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