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Default We are moving and expanding our servers.!!!

Folks, in the very near future(a few weeks most likely) We will be moving our home to some new bigger and badder server hardware and a new provider.

We will be adding an additional server to our environment and splitting the workload between the existing servers and the new one. This will eliminate the server busy messages some folks have been seeing, and we will be able to put back all the things we disabled(like the gallery at the bottom of the page) that we disabled to try to offload some server loads. We will also be eliminating the delay between searches and some other restrictions.

We are looking at a few weeks down the road when we can alot a chunk of time to do the work. The only thing that may delay things is hard drive availability(seems theres a work stoppage in Taiwan).

We will however be down for a day while we transfer the forums,
and it may be as long as 24 hours before DNS replicates completely, so some folks may experience extended outage.

This is a big move, indicative of our growth and will give us a VERY significant performance boost. This is our advertisers and subscribing members $$ at work, without which this move would not be possible. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

I will keep you all posted as things progress, and will have a backup playground for everyone to use while we do the migration.

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