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Default Thermo-Holster or Thermo-Purse? YOU DECIDE!

Okay, after my splash-proof, super-fast RED ThermoPen arrived last week (and I was done admiring it), I started to put in in the drawer with my other BBQ gear (which is also the home of a couple of dozen other miscellaneous kitchen utensils.) I then realized that I did want my splash-proof, super-fast RED ThermoPen getting scratched by the can opener, cheese grater, spatulas, etc. I mean, it's a precision piece of equipment! (I know you brethren can all agree on that point.)

And besides, it's the RED one, which, as we all know... oh, never mind.

Anyway, my wife is quite the seamstress (her passion - well, besides me of course - is quilting.) So, I asked her to make a sleeve for my splash-proof, super-fast RED ThermoPen.

Here is the result:


(I promised her I would post a pic.)

BTW - In keeping with the food theme, those are onions on the fabric.
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